Changes from ASRI 2002 List

The RI checklist on this site contains the following differences relative to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island's 2002 "Checklist of Rhode Island Birds"
  1. Added Cackling Goose
  2. Added Pink-footed Goose
  3. Added Reddish Egret
  4. Added Mew Gull
  5. Added Bell's Vireo
  6. Added Redwing
  7. Added Virginia's Warbler
  8. Changed American White Pelican to Non-Vagrant
  9. Renamed Mongolian Plover to Lesser Sand-Plover
  10. Changed Sandhill Crane to Non-Vagrant
  11. Changed Sandwich Tern to Non-Vagrant
  12. Renamed Rock Dove to Rock Pigeon
  13. Changed Common Raven to indicate Breeding Record
  14. Changed Boreal Chickadee to Vagrant
  15. Renamed Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow to Nelson's Sparrow
  16. Renamed Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow to Saltmarsh Sparrow
  17. Changed Scarlet Tanager to indicate Breeding Record
  18. Changed Pine Grosbeak to Vagrant
  19. Changed House Sparrow to indicate Breeding Record
  20. Added Band-rumped Storm Petrel
  21. Renamed Greater Shearwater to Great Shearwater
  22. Renamed Common Moorhen to Common Gallinule
  23. Added Swainson's Warbler which was banded on Block Island on 5/22/11.
  24. Added Eurasian Collared-Dove which was photograghed on 4/14/12 in Charlestown.
  25. Added Little Stint which was photographed on 7/4/12 in Charlestown.
  26. Added Wood Stork based on a historical record from the 19'th century.
  27. Added Wood Sandpiper based on the bird photographed in Jamestown on 13-Oct-2012.