Carter Preserve - Charlestown

At 841 acres, this is the The Nature Conservancy's largest RI preserve. It consists of oak forests, scrub oak-pitch pine barrens, vernal pools and a 35 acre grassland.


Carolina section of Charlestown, RI.


The Nature Conservancy.


Old Mill Road, west off of Carolina Back Road (Rt. 112). There is a parking area just northwest of the place where Old Mill Rd takes a ninety degree turn.


Mixed hardwood (predominately oak sps.), American holly, white pine, scrub oak-pitch pine barrens, 35 acre grassland and vernal pools.

The grassland was mowed in August and October 2007 in hope of reinvigorating grassland restoration, thus encouraging the return of grassland nesting species such as Grasshopper Sparrow, Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.

Best Seasons to Visit

Mid-May through June.


From the parking area at the ninety degree turn in Old Mill Rd, follow the main trail west for about half of a mile. In the spring, sometimes a Worm-eating Warbler can be heard along this section of trail. After about half of a mile, the trail enters a large field. The trail circles the boarder of the field.

Birds Most Likely to Be Seen

Cuckoo sp., Great Crested Flycatcher, Vireo sp., Blue-winged and Prairie Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Field Sparrow and Indigo Bunting. Grasshopper Sparrows are found here during most summers.

Birds that May be Seen in Other Seasons

Wild Turkey, Raptors, Eastern Bluebird and common woodland species.

Potential obstacles

  • Plentiful mosquitoes and black flies from late May into summer.
  • Preserve closed November 1 - December 31 for bow hunting by RIDEM permit only.

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