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    Cory's Shearwater has been seen by:

    Birder Location Town County Date
    Kellen Rosburg Block Island (and ferry) Charlestown Washington 28-Sep-2013
    Paul L'Etoile Cox's Ledge Pelagic Offshore 04-Aug-2013
    Wayne Munns Lady Frances Whale Watch Pelagic Offshore 07-Jul-2013
    Carlos Pedro Lady Frances Pelagic Offshore 06-Jul-2013
    Barbara Sherman Lady Frances Pelagic Offshore 06-Jul-2013
    Jan St.Jean Whale watch Pelagic Offshore 05-Jul-2013
    John Magill 10 miles SE of BI Pelagic Offshore 05-Jul-2013
    Cathy Gim South of Block Island Pelagic Offshore 05-Jul-2013