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    Lesser Scaup has been seen by:

    Birder Location Town County Date
    John Magill Blackstone River Pawtucket Providence 01-Feb-2014
    Janaehesser Fort Adams Newport Newport 31-Jan-2014
    Cathy Gim Boat Ramp Pawtucket Providence 28-Jan-2014
    Paul L'Etoile Sachuest Pt NWR Middletown Newport 19-Jan-2014
    Nicole Rattay Sachuest Point NWR Middletown Newport 19-Jan-2014
    Dan Berard Providence Providence 13-Jan-2014
    DAVID WALLIS Save the Bay Providence Providence 11-Jan-2014
    Kellen Rosburg Pawtucket Pawtucket Providence 11-Jan-2014
    Samantha DeCuollo Henderson Bridge Providence Providence 11-Jan-2014
    Jen Scranton Burma Rd. Middletown Newport 11-Jan-2014
    Ben Shamgochian Save The Bay Providence Providence 09-Jan-2014
    Jan St.Jean Save the bay Providence Providence 07-Jan-2014
    Wayne Munns Gardiners Pond Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2014
    Barbara Sherman Gardiners Pond Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2014
    Dylan Pedro Gardiner Pond Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2014
    Carlos Pedro Gardiners Pond Middletown Newport 01-Jan-2014